Working abroad

You would like to spend some time abroad in order to improve your language skills or get to know more about how work is in other countries?

We are holding contacts with partners in several EU countries and thus can assist you with your questions related to working abroad.

There are several ways to go working abroad:

Erasmus+ Volunteership

The easiest is to do an Erasmus+ Volunteer ship. There are projects from 2 months up to 1 year in different countries and sectors. Explore more on the European Youth Portal. Asociación Caminos, our sister organization is accredited under the European Solidarity Corps and thus can assist you as sending organization.

Moving through the EU

There are European countries which have a significant lack of skilled workers in different sectors. This is the case for example for the tourist sector in Austria. As EU citizen there are possibilities to go there for one season or even longer. You will get a normal salary plus in many cases accommodation and food for free.

More information in general you can find on the EURES Portal. For Austria we can also assist with our special contacts and help you to find a job.

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