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Re-Start - 2nd Project Newsletter

WE ARE STARTING PILOTING THE ONLINE TRAINING - With the RE-START project, partners from Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, Bulgaria and Poland aim to develop a very helpful online tool to support women - after staying at home – to re-enter the labour market.

DigiArts - 1st Project Newsletter

The Digital Arts Dialogue project aims to focus on “interrupted” dialogue and develop a qualitative and effective way for young people and youth workers to exchange in dialogue and cooperation and support each other in an innovative digital way using Restorative Justice values and digital arts.

COPE - 1st Project Newsletter

The COPE project is focused on developing forward-looking learning centres and supporting local learning environments and social inclusion by encouraging learning centres to work together in order to motivate and enable adults of all ages.

Need to Connect - 1st Project Newsletter

Start of the Need to Connect project! What is the NTC project? The Need to Connect project aims to fight loneliness, to empower and connect young mothers, between 18 and 30 years old, through arts education and to build a sustainable national community platform and network in all partner countries.

STRESS-LESS - 2nd Project Newsletter

What’s new on the project? Blended Learning Solution for Prevention and Coping with Digital Stress - The main target customers of the blended learning programme are SME representatives and staff.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and happy new year from the Consultoría team!

Re-Start - 1st Project Newsletter

Statistics in countries all over Europe demonstrate (even if to a different extent depending on national structures) the risk of social exclusion and of poverty especially at an older age for women if they are not having their own adequate income over their life-time...

CA4RJ - 1st Project Newsletter

Partners from Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Spain under the leadership of the UK organisation Restorative Justice for All launched a new project to foster the inclusion of migrants. Acknowledging that prevention of migrants' marginalisation requires a holistic approach to social inclusion and inequality, ...

STRESS-LESS - 1st Project Newsletter

STRESS-LESS is a two-year project, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 programme. The Stress-less project will provide updated materials on how to deal with the new digital stress and, above all, will provide solutions for small (also micro) and medium-sized companies (SMEs)...