European Projects


Consultoría de Innovación Social participates in the following European projects


Digital Arts Dialogue

The DigiArts project aims to focus on “interrupted” dialogue and develop a qualitative and effective way for young people and youth workers to exchange in dialogue and cooperation and support each other in an innovative digital way. DigiArts focuses on developing an innovative and creative method for youth workers to foster social inclusion. Partners: Consultoría de Innovación Social, BUPNET, Liberitutti, Happiness Academy Ltd., Pistes Solidaires, University of Athens

Duration: 12/21 - 12/23


Digital Youth

The Digital Youth project focuses on preparing youth workers to engage in digital youth work by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies. Thus, it aims to promote the importance of Digital Youth Work in Europe, build the competencies of youth workers to use digital tools in youth work and develop quality resources for digital youth work. Partners: CARDET, Kentro Merimnas Oikogeneias Kai Paidiou, The Rural Hub, Kipriakos Organismos Kentron Neotitas Koken, Consultoría de Innovación Social

Duration: 12/21 - 01/24


Need to Connect

The objective of the Need to Connect (NTC) project is to fight loneliness, empower and connect young mothers, aged 18-30 years of age, through art training and build a sustainable national community platform in all partner countries. The project focuses on giving the young mothers the opportunity and capability to impact and help other mothers in similar situations. Partners: Einurd, Happiness Academy Ltd., CESIE, Vilniaus Universitetas, Stichting Dutch Foundation of Innovation Welfare 2 Work, Education Centre Geoss, Consultoría de Innovación Social

Duration: 11/21 - 11/23



CareerBot partnership seeks to improve Digital Readiness of the Career Guidance sector by implementing CareerBot methodology and tool, facilitating blended guidance sessions and using customised Labour Market Intelligence LMI to empower marginalised job seekers. We want to put Career Guidance Practitioners at the centre and assist them – and their organisations - on the path of digitalisation so that they can advise their clients in the best possible way. Partners: Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung Schober, Tiroler Soziale Dienste, Active Citizens Partnerhsip, Ballymun Job Center, Pontydysgu SL, Consultoría de Innovación Social

Duration: 11/21 - 08/24



Culture and Art for Restorative Justice (CARJ) aims to respond to the need of overcoming existing socioeconomic inequalities, using the power of art and restorative justice to increase cultural awareness and thus contribute to the successful integration of migrant communities at one of the most challenging times for Europe. Partners: Restoratve Justice for All International Institute, Reframe House Ltd., Iasis., Kinonikes Sineteristikes Drastiriottes Efpathon Omadon, Kapadokya Egitim vee Arastirma Demegi, Consultoría de Innovación Social, Reset Ltd.

Duration: 06/21 - 06/23



To support micro-enterprises, the GRACE project will develop an online educational platform with the aim to equip micro-businesses with key digital competences touching upon all business aspects, strengthen digital entrepreneurship and foster a digital hub for creativity and innovation that will put them back on the growth track and mitigate the pandemic’s adverse impact. Partners: Asociatia European Association for Social Inovation, Clio Muse, Consultoría de Innovación Social, Canary Whard Consulting, Novel Group, Social Policy Academy, Aproximar-Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social

Duration: 03/21 - 02/23



With the RE-START project, the partners aim to develop a very helpful online tool to support women - after staying at home – to re-enter the labour market. It shall help them gain motivation and self-confidence to do so, provide them support in orientation on the market in order to find a suitable job and to promote their skills to identify supporting networks and overcome structureal and social lacks of support. Partners: Consultoría de Innovación Social, BIMEC, Center for Social Innovation, Einurd, Social Policy Academy, Viva Femina.

Duration: 09/20 - 08/22


The STRESS-LESS project has partners from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain and the United Kingdom and works towards improving SME staff’s digital competences. The project aims to equip people with improved competences, innovative methodologies and reduce digital stress, overall strengthening the physical and mental well-being of the staff. Partners: B.F. Universität Bayreuth, Hafelekar Unternehmensberatung Schober GmbH, Happiness Academy, Horizon, Consultoría de Innovación Social

Duration: 09/20 - 08/22